Assessment and Selection

Assessment & Selection Program

Recognizing that no two organizations are the same, SPA “tailors” its assessment & selection programs to best meet the specific requirements of each customer. The process begins with a proper organizational analysis to determine the various skills, abilities, and psychological traits that the client-organization requires. With a full understanding of the client’s personnel needs, SPA designs a psychological assessment program, which is utilized to identify the best-qualified candidate for hire.

SPA’s psychological assessment programs contain several elements. The first element is to create a psychological assessment battery of psychometrically sound measures that assess candidate attributes such as cognitive skills, personality variables, social intelligence, psychopathology (when required by the client), etc. SPA, when required, also has the capability to create its own psychological measure to augment the battery. The battery chosen is dependent on the personnel needs of the client; therefore, there is never one battery that is the same across our clients.

The next element is to employ the use of exercise scenarios. These scenarios often include real events in the organization’s history that are seen as valid, recurring themes within the organizational life and have been shown to be predictors of employment success. A candidate’s performance on these exercise scenarios is observed and rated by a SPA consultant to identify areas of weakness, or conversely, strength, which the candidate may possess.

The final element in an assessment and selection process is a structured clinical interview. Once SPA consultants have reviewed the results of the psychological measures and behavioral observations from the exercise scenarios, they conduct a clinical interview with each candidate. This further identifies other strengths and/or vulnerabilities the candidate may have as a potential new-hire. Finally, all this information is then evaluated by the consultant to determine whether or not the candidate is a “best-fit” by comparing the candidate’s psychological profile with the profile of the client-organization. Once this comparison has been made, a recommendation for “hire” or “no-hire” is presented to the client.