360 Development

What is a 360 development measure?  A 360 measure collects information about a leader’s behaviors from the leader himself as well as from a sample of his seniors, peers and subordinates; thus, giving a full 360-degree view of his leadership behavior.  The information collected is confidential in two ways.  First, the results are reported back only to the target leader being evaluated; no one else within his organization will have access to the results at any time.  Second, the identities of the raters providing the information are protected.  All scores are reported as averages, so that raters’ comments and opinions remain anonymous.

The purpose of this survey for the leader is twofold.  The greatest strength of 360-degree feedback is to help the leader develop self-awareness.  The leader is being given the opportunity to see how he views himself in comparison to how others, who work with him daily, view him.  Self-awareness is having an objective view of your behaviors and being able to see yourself as others may see you.  Self-awareness is vital to knowing yourself and your limitations.  Links between self-awareness and performance have been repeatedly shown.  Secondly, the 360-degree survey can provide honest, developmental feedback about a leader’s relative strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone is stronger at some things than others, and this type of knowledge can help you focus your energy on what most needs improvement.

Each 360 measure created by SPA is unique to the organization requesting its development; therefore, no 360 measure is alike in questionnaire items, leadership scales or behaviors being assessed.