Dr. Gary R. Greenfield

Dr. Gary R. Greenfield is a retired Army Colonel and has been a licensed psychologist for over 28 years.  His Army career began as an Infantry Officer in Vietnam.  After serving in the Vietnam War, he studied psychology and mental health at Towson University and The Johns Hopkins University.  As an Army Psychologist, he distinguished himself as a leader and innovator.  While serving at William Beaumont Army Medical Center he created a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Community Psychology/Mental Health.  Building on his Infantry background, Gary was then brought into the Special Operations Community serving as the Command Psychologist for the Army's premier Special Operations Unit.  Gary was later given the resources and authority to establish an Operational Psychology Directorate within the Army Special Operations Command, where he served as a consultant to the Commander of all Army Special Operation Organizations, and as Special Consultant to the Surgeon General.  While in this position, Gary was responsible for establishing Selection and Assessment programs for various units as well as the development of the 360 Special Operations Leader Development Program.  While he was not the first to work in these areas, he did raise the bar and focused on outcome-based research to support his decisions.  Following his military career, he was sought after to assist with the development of standards and procedures for new units like the Asymmetric Warfare Group, Marine Special Operations Command, and Human Terrain Analyst Programs.  Gary also serves on the Board of Directors of Sanctuary Island, Inc., a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide equine therapy to wounded warriors, Veterans, and children.  He lives in North Carolina with his wife of 45 years, Anita.