David Peduto

David Peduto is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the Army. He began his Army career in logistics. As a Major, he commanded a detachment in both Panama (Just Cause) and the Middle East (Desert Storm) where he had operational control of over 400 soldiers. His expertise in Material Solutions lead to direct liaison relationships with other government agencies, and international non-profits. He supported Humanitarian and Military Operations on all continents. After 15 years in logistics, he was trained in psychology and was assigned to the Army Special Operations Command where he was mentored by Gary Greenfield, already retired. Dave had a focus on Leadership Development, which has continued over the past 15 years. He has developed psychometrically sound 360 surveys for multiple organizations. Dave has also attended the Army Acquisition Management Program and has a Masters Degree in Systems Management. As such, he develops proposals, works all contracting issues, and manages several systems initiatives presently in development. Dave has been the Director of Operations for SPA since 2005. As such, Dave has played an integral part in the acquisition of new contracts and SPA’s success.